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Health Benefits of eating snails

Laveedah Freshly Cooked Spiced Snails

Popularity of snails

Snails are found everywhere and whilst most gardeners dislike them, here in Nigeria instead of being a pest, snails are a culinary delicacy. June is the month when snails appear on menus , you can enjoy a plate of delicious snails for N1,200.00 or buy them(from our store) to cook at home.

Consumption and acceptance

Although repulsive to many people, snails are consumed all over the world and are a very healthy thing to eat. Roasted snail shells found in archaeological excavations indicate humans have eaten them since prehistorical times and the Romans cultivated snails by feeding them special diets to improve their flavor.

An average snail is comprised of 80% water, 15% protein and 2.4% fat. They contain essential fatty acids, calcium, iron, selenium, magnesium and are a rich source of vitamins E, A, K and B12. However, so you’ll be doing your family and everyone a favor consuming a snail today.

Did you know that snails are also used for cosmetic and medicinal purposes?

Medical Gains of Snails

The benefits of snail slime were recognised in ancient Greece by Hippocrates who used it to heal skin and ulcers and to reduce scarring. More recently, Chilean snail farmers highlighted the benefits when they noticed cuts on their hands healed very quickly and their skin became softer. This is because the slime contains allantoin, antibiotics, glycolic acid, collagen and elastin, and so it heals and regenerates skin cells minimising scars.

So once again, go out there and get yourself some snail, you can click here to order online today.

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