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Laveedah toast bread

Crunchy Toast Bread


Delicious toast bread prepared just the way you like them. Laveedah foods toast bread is filled with wholesome ingredients to provide you with much needed nutrients.

Laveedah Foods Doughnuts

Delicious Pack of 10 Doughnuts


Laveedah doughnut is a tasty type of fried dough confection. Doughnuts are usually deep fried from a flour dough, and typically either ring-shaped or a number of shapes without a hole, and often filled, but can also be ball-shaped (“doughnut holes”).

Laveedah Small Chops

Delicious Pack of Small Chops


We are here to satisfy you with our mouth watering finger foods. This has been prepared in the most hygienic condition to guarantee a safe and healthy consumption.

Order our Small Chops Packs now!!!


Freshly Packaged tasty Peanuts


Laveedah peanuts are proof of how wonderful these nuts are lies in the enduring qualities that kids and adults are attracted to. Roasted salted peanuts are a popular year round snack. Their crunchiness and salty, nutty flavor will have you reaching for them by the handfuls as you watch the game, enjoy a movie

Laveedah_Club Sandwich

Tasty Home made Club Sandwich


Laveedah presents you it’s A Club Sandwich; one of the most iconic sandwiches on any menu! Layers of ham, bacon and turkey with juicy tomatoes, crisp lettuce and cheddar cheese create the perfect bite!

Laveedah_Groundnut flakes

Tasty Packaged Groundnut Cake


Enjoy this sweet delicious and highly nutritious groundnut cake loved by all over the years. This cakes have been so hygienically prepared and packed for maximum enjoyment.

Laveedah Tray os Small Chops

Tray of small chops with stick meats


Get this combo of small chops served with steak meats plus sauce at a very affordable price. We get this delivered right to your doorstep hot and fresh as you imagined it.

Laveedah Beef_Burgrer

Yummy Delicious Beef Burger


The classic burger is an all time BBQ favourite!. Handmade with our fantastic heritage breed beef, our burgers demonstrate just how much better beef can be.